Distributed Enterprises Can Benefit from SD-WAN Technology

For many businesses in cities and the surrounding, fast and reliable connections to their service provider isn’t always an option – either it isn’t available, or is prohibitively expensive. Often these links are intermittently unavailable, suffer high latency, or offer limited bandwidth; complicating matters, enforcing Quality-of-Service (QoS) over these connections is extraordinarily difficult. Businesses with more than one location would experience difficulty using things like telephone and windows desktop services over these links, resulting in frustration and lost revenue.

Software Defined Wide Area Networking, SD-WAN, addresses these problems by intelligently routing traffic between locations with the latest generation of routers and firewalls. The business network will communicate across all available links dynamically to make sure content is delivered quickly. Additionally, these redundant provide resiliency, protecting the network from outages that only affect a small number of connections. Businesses struggling with cable, satellite, and DSL Internet connections can use SD-WAN to connect these remote sites to the network without compromising security or usability.

The Cisco Meraki MX product line has a model that fits every business’ specific needs, and supports SD-WAN to keep your business connected across all of your locations. Contact us today to speak with a Cisco Meraki expert, and sign up for a free webinar demonstration.

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