Managed Backup Services

Securely backing up your data and storing it for long term safekeeping is a critical function of your network. Without backups, you would not be able to restore your servers and workstations to service quickly, and you may lose critical information and revenue as a result. Depending on your industry, you may even be required to maintain secure backups for periods of a few years.

Qmulus Partners managed backup services safeguards all your mission critical information by incrementally backing it up to the cloud. All your data is encrypted, so only you have access; multiple versions of files are stored so that users can restore files to specific points-in-time; data de-duplication keeps your backups running quickly by only copying the important data that has changed; finally, hardware agnosticism allows workstation and server environments to be restored to different manufacturers of PCs without issue.

Planning your backup strategy should take into account how much data loss is acceptable to your organization, how quickly you need the services restored, and how long those backups need to be stored. Qmulus Partners works with businesses to tailor fit backup strategies that meet all their requirements. Our monitoring software also identifies when backups have failed and specifically which files are affected.

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