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What We Do

Put simply, we are technology consultants. We specialize in designing and managing cloud as well as on premise networking and computing systems. We focus specifically on small and medium businesses and the challenges they face and how technology can not only help businesses overcome obstacles, but enhance their operations and revenue. We believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to these complex questions; that’s why every solution is custom tailored to the individual business’ needs.

Where we’re from

Our company was created by Chris Clark and Nick Stoddard to address the increasingly high technology challenges faced by small and medium businesses in industries where they are being under-served. Our team’s substantial collective knowledge and experience has been gleaned and honed through years of field experience serving the needs of and working directly and indirectly for our customers.

Our Team Members

Meet your new technology partners.

Chris Clark has extensive experience designing, deploying, and maintaining networks and systems for large businesses in the healthcare industry in the Southwest United States.

For the past 10 years Nick Stoddard has worked with business customers in the Northeast United States to improve their communications and reduce their operating costs.

Experienced software and hardware engineer, Ivan Tachini joined our team in late 2017 to assist customers with custom development and integration requirements.